Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Remodel begins

We have a rough plan for the remodel — gut it and rebuild it all. Simple.

Ok, not so simple when you go down to the next level of detail. The though process went something like this … Remodel downstairs first leaving the upstairs alone. Start with the bathroom and kitchen, once we finish those, it
becomes easier to spend nights in the cabin. Also, the bath and kitchen should be the most time-consuming and difficult so get them finished first.

The bathroom has been gutted. It’s taking at least 3 times longer than first estimated but otherwise it is progressing well. What have we learned so far?

1) We don’t know enough to know what we need when. We get stuck either because we need to buy tools/supplies or we don’t have the tools we need with us.

2) Tasks take longer than expected. I think this is because we’re taking the time to think things out as we go. So now we’re trying to plan out the tasks for each trip with more detail.

We’re starting to put the bathroom back together. A new fan/light has been installed, most of the electrical is done. A new plywood underlayment is going in. Soon we’ll be calling in a plumber and then it’s sheet rock time.